In the heart of my hearts I know I exist, and I can love.

I stretch from the first rain over the savanna to the lofty and rugged peaks where eagles learn to fly, for I am the first raindrop on the dry earth, the first eagle that learned to fly, that quiet bend on the mountain-road that you have visited so many times in your dreams, the world inside your pet’s eyes, the world that you can see through every song, like a window to an infinite realm, the profound silence and friendship of the night sky, and the quiet before the storm; I know them because they were never without me, they were within.

I know you too. I have dreamt of you ever since I existed as myself. I believe in miracles, because they are the only thing that ever existed. Storm clouds over the forest, the rain, and the colonies of wild insects on the forest-bed, and the scent of a similar mind, a teary goodbye at the airport, a chance encounter with someone who will change you for ever, and happiness: aren’t they miracles?

Aren’t you one?

3 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. Marushka

    i luv the way u write..n gives a dif prospectiv to life..dnt ever stop writing,coz a writer hu stops writing is a lifeless body with no soul


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