We are all here with a purpose

We are all here with a purpose.



n Me and my group, us, all of us, mankind, living world, the Universe.

We are one. Me, my group, my friends, us, mankind, living world, the Universe. All is one. It is a misconception to treat it as plural instead of singular. I separate into We at creation, Genesis, and merge into I at the End. Creation is giving a million different masks to the same thing, so that the different masks induce us to think of creation on the basis of multiple created things, whereas all created things, that is us, as well as the mask itself, is one, the mask-maker.



v Exist at present.

‘Conquer Time, and all you have left is Now.’ — Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Existence is infinite in space and time. It is unfortunate it has to be expressed through a word that denotes only Present, an idea non-existent in actuality. It may be how we perceive existence that is finite, for our vision changes with time, as all Wakers know, but Existence in itself shall not be bounded by Time, for Time is subordinate. Time exists because Existence does. For if Existence weren’t there before Time, how would Time exist?



pr Everything, each thing.

‘Everything is the manifestation of one thing only.’ — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Every last thing you can think of, even your thinking, and yes, even you, is the same thing. Just as a dustbin looks like a circle, a rectangle and a cylinder from different angles, although all three are the same, so are All things a different angle of the same thing, the only thing.



pr This place, and not that.

‘Conquer Space, and all you have left is Here.’ — Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

When we shed the limitations of the body, all places are the same. We differentiate Here from There because the places are separated by the time it takes for us to be Here and be There, for we cannot be at two places at the same time, thanks to our limited body. The mind can roam all places at once, as all daydreamers know, and hence all places are Here, for thoughts can be everywhere always.



prep Association, togetherness.

To be with someone, I need to be different from that someone. Being close requires us to be apart in identity, whereas the higher truth allows only being so close that we cannot be with each other. So close, in fact, that we are each other. An indivisible single identity.



art One, single.

What was before Everything Happened, what remains after Everything has Happened. As Physics works towards unifying all with The Theory of Everything, it is oblivious of the fact that unity totally explained requires a higher medium than our language, our science. But with only one thing and none other, how would that one thing exist? For something to exist, it requires at least a second thing to know, at least believe, it exists. If Everything comes down to One, how can that be made possible? Is Existence the only thing that watches itself exist and hence keeps itself existing?



n What needs to be accomplished or fulfilled; reason for being

If All is One, and Everything is the same thing, if Past is Present is Future, if cause and effect are the same, and there is nothing to be achieved or accomplished or completed, where is room left for reason? Purpose, then, has no purpose.




Close your eyes now, and forget about this writing. Don’t be scared. Remember, we are all here with a purpose.



2 thoughts on “We are all here with a purpose

  1. YoLaNdA

    I\’ve just read these wonderful words which have made me remember something I\’ve always believed…
    Everything happens because of a reason, because everything has its own equilibrium…
    well that\’s just what I think… and if everything happens because of a reason then everything has its own purpose…


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