<don’t worry if you can’t figure out what I wrote about here.>


Stab it in the heart, right. Hold it there while it writhes and squirms. Hold it till it lets go, till the questions die, till the questions are killed. I can’t do this anymore. I have to find that way, that red exit sign. Or I break through the door, the wall. Will that look good? I’ve brought a nice sharp knife with me tonight. Are you scared? You better be. This knife’s got a purpose, did you know that? Everything’s here for a purpose, didn’t you tell me? Well, here is my knife with a purpose. It’s gonna see your end tonight. The Chamber will forever be closed. Yeah, hear that, I scream to the empty hall, forever!

Confine me. Don’t let me see it any more. I’ll shut the windows and pull all the blinds. You can’t stop me. I’ll light up this little room and invite my friends to dinner. If you try to stop me, I’ve got a knife. I haven’t brought a revolver because then death will be too quick. I want to see you writhe and squirm and die slowly, spilling your dark red poisonous blood all over my memory and making it a happy place. You can’t do this to me. I raise my voice. YOU CAN’T! I throw the knife into the darkness. It hits someone. A harsh, beastly scream. I fall to the floor laughing.

And then suddenly there was sunlight through the huge windows sprawling across the huge mosaic floor, and I saw her, and my friends, walking towards me from the other end of the hall. The shafts of sunlight through the nearest window made the pool of blood beside Nothing glow like burning charcoal. I had killed him in the night.

‘I don’t wanna remember nothing. Nothing,’ said Cypher, the traitor. He was very right in what he wanted. He should have died with honour. Give me a break, or I’ll take it.




4 thoughts on “Problem

  1. Roshneesh

    hey, abhranil…. i really liked wat u wrote here.. its interesting….. keep goin dude, u write well, have you thot of bein a writer????


  2. Enterthespacebar

    why have you written the same thng in he beginning ??  nt bad ..!  we can understand everythng !>…
    a nice one ..! quite diffrent ..  🙂


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