Didn’t even know we were gonna be friends.
 That’s an odd statement; no one does.
 Didn’t even know why we became friends.
 No, I don’t really need a reason for that.
 To ask for reasons would be like starting a hobby of collecting dust off the roadside; I couldn’t finish. There are so many questions that only exist because they are not limited by answers.
 Like what makes you smile when you see me, when you hear my voice on the end of the telephone.
 What makes you say I’m a nice person. What makes you say I have eyes full 
 of words when I can see only two black pupils. Perhaps it’s a language only friends can decipher.
 Like which unexplained, unaccounted-for hormone is responsible
 for the way my heart sort of fills up when I see you. What makes me call you up with so many thoughts inside and yet I can’t speak up when you ask what’s wrong. 
 And somehow, the thoughts flow across the distance,
through the telephone lines and you somehow know. Thoughts can’t be spoken out.
 And they are not needed to be heard when you’re there.
 All the times we spent laughing at each other’s jokes, the hour-long conversations that started with frogs and ended with foreign administrative systems. The days were so happy. 
 The finity of it all never struck me.
 Maybe that’s what makes these things special. 
 We don’t need a reason to be friends. 
 We may separate tomorrow, and yet we fight till the last breath to stay together today. 
 And I smile when I think, that tomorrow is still the future. We’re still in today.
 We are still friends.

11 thoughts on “Friend

  1. icy

    I say this is profound stuff here!
    Very nice and count me one among regulars time gonna read more here
    Keep blogging


  2. Cyclic

    seen the jonathan livingston seagul book in ur list, i got a copy of it from reader\’s digest… read the first few pages but had to stop due to exams.. now i remember it thanx to u…


  3. The Departed

    the white after the grey? :p  it changes from grey to white…and then grey. and quite frequently at that.
    take care neo 🙂


  4. Sanya

    i loved your work here. makes me reminded of my friends! You must be having really nice friends to write that. i love my friends too. they are lovely.


  5. Tejal

    nice layout. blue. 😉
    even kari keeps on saying,\’i never, in my wildest dreams, thought that we would be friends\’
    hey, why wonder?!
    \’we don\’t need a reason to be friends\’….i\’ll tell her to read this entry of yours.


  6. Indrajit

    The only thing I can say is if u can start a conversation at frog and end in Foreign Administrative Services, then you definitely are friends… vibe to vibe…

    "Conquer time and all you have left is Now" – very well said. I think I have got some feeling of the meaning… but as of now I wud prefer to move across the time cycles, feeling empowered, seeking the way back…

    Nice space Abranil…


  7. Megha

    Hey Neo..
    Thnkz 4 visitin my space n dropin by too..:-)!!
    Now this is really a nice perception(of urs) i liked it!!..
    "Maybe that\’s what makes these things special.  We don\’t need a reason to be friends.  We may separate tomorrow, and yet we fight till the last breath to stay together today.."
    You seem to be a very deep person, Oh..i mean to say that you kind of like concealing things..?:-).. Kidding yaar, all i mean is that one thing which i m really sure about is- that you will like this:-
    "Never needing to say is what counts in a relationship.."..:-)!!(Neo, have you heard this song by Ronan Keating… \’Nothin at all\’..i think it kinda suits you:-).. )
    Anyways, The moments and gestures you have talked about in ur post are really worth wondering..
    and they are quite realistic..
    P.S. Now this is really interesting, that her name was Megha too..:-), Oh.. I wish you loads of good luck and happiness for ur future.. Hopefully, may you get some nice Buddy..:-)…soon!!


  8. Dheera

    i like the thought. brought back some pleasane memories back. well friends are indeed an intricate part of our lives. i like the beginning and the end. especially saying that we struggle to keep it going till the end. and i think at the end of it, only that persistance that keeps the friendship going. and ultimately, u need to have that friend whom u can call up at even 3am jst to say Hi. and u know that the friend wouldnt mind.
    ps: i like u space name. its true. 1 life\’s all we got.
     keep it goin. will visit it again.


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