And the Dark Fades

This is a sequel to Fades Into the Dark. If you plan to read this, read that first.
February 05 11:07 AM
I open my mailbox after that little MSN Messenger window pops up with you have 1 new message in your email inbox. One message. At the top. I freeze with happiness as the words slowly make sense. Disha Pillai. Undeniable. Unalterable. All I imagined. All I hoped would happen someday. Someday. Sometime. Someone. So many of life’s wishes are made of these words. So few of them turn to today, this time, this person. Mine did. On February 05 11:07 AM.
She writes that there was a virus in her computer. Thanks, Virus. If you hadn’t been there, so many things would have passed me by without me ever knowing. So many feelings I would never have felt, never have known I could feel about her. I know which virus it is. (warning: now this is turning metaphoric)  It’s been crawling around for well over a few thousand years, in and out of minds, bodies, greeting cards, phone calls, thriving on misunderstandings and expectations, hopes and disappointments. It’s given the name Friendship, and there are few unfortunate beings who haven’t ever been a victim of it.
Thanks, Virus. Thanks a lot. Thanks, hotmail. Thanks to the hotmail inbox too. Thanks to the font she wrote that e-mail in. Thanks to the servers that worked to bring it into my inbox. And thanks a million to February 05 11:07 AM.

5 thoughts on “And the Dark Fades

  1. A.

    Emotions. They really suck, if you ask me. I realize they (among other things) are what separates us from the animals but, are they really necessary? Like right now, it would be nice not to have any kind of emotions. Then I wouldn\’t be feeling sad and pathetic as I sigh and type. I wouldn\’t feel frustrated when my cursor jumps to random places on my screen for no apparent reason and with no apparent warning. They just dont take the hint!
    Nice to read this I tell you. I was actually waiting and comtemplating this entry…since "fades into the dark" was the first entry i read of yours 🙂


  2. disha

    i read all of ur stories n ur poems… ur reakky gud at dis
    i jus wanted 2 say… thanks a lot… 4 giving me so much of importance
    it just makes u feel tht u mean sumthin to peple… tht there r a few who do care abt u
    this bond is never gonna b broken… TRUST ME !!!!!!!!!!
    n keep d gud work goin
    loads of luv
    take care…


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