Hidden Alley

(dedicated to a flightless bird that soared the skies so well.

written around midnight.) 


Hidden up this secret alley in my mind

There lives a girl I have long left behind.

The winds of change blew away her scent

And left without saying where she went.

I wait for her to come back again

Like a piece of happiness, a quiet rain.

She’ll call me up, and on the end of the line

I shall find the girl I once used to call mine.

A thousand memories will wake my heart

And I’ll ask if she’s ready to start

To find the path we both left behind

And lost, long ago, in my mind.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Alley

  1. hey..
    is this for that friend of yours-Disha Pillai
    PS: i hope u didnt find my comment on your blog about Past and Next Lives as something like criticizing.

  2. lovely poem….wish I could write like you…
    wonderful space you have got…will look forward to visit you every day.
    thanks also for the comment you left in my space

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