People take advantage of me. I let them, unknowingly.
     I wish I could be born again, a different person.
     Each new feeling I have is repulsive, poisonous, dark. I switch thoughts quickly, like a desert snake that doesn’t let its body rest on the sand for too long, because it will burn the skin.
     That’s why I’m changing paragraphs so much, hoping the white space below will let me write something better, stronger than this paragraph.
     It doesn’t work.
     Give me peace, whoever can.

9 thoughts on “Paragraphs

  1. upasana

    hey…yaar u sound tooo low…whats the matter…its kk to feel low at times though .but posing a contemptuous feeling towards life aint too good…be happy wid hu u r n mayb things just work out perfectly for u….and if we tokin bout a dark me everyone has it mayb u just seem to reflect it n others hide it…..n by the way due to this u r a much better person wearing ur heart on ur sleeve….so just dunt crave for a better life u r in a much better position than a lotta other ppl…take care


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