What you Reap is What you Sow

It was in the ending-track in The Matrix. Never knew what it meant. Got to know from 10:30 to 1:30 at night day before yesterday.
There’s this friend of my sis called Poushali-di who had a three-hour long chat with me that night. She talked about incarnations. About destinies, of knowledge we’re supposed to acquire before each time we leave this station called life.
She said we were born with purposes, each of us. To gather knowledge, to explore the world, to question. To understand, to incorporate. To get closer to God everytime we’re sent here. What we discover now we’ll carry on to the next life. No wonder children have surprising ways of thinking. Pity it’s washed away in the society’s brutal and shameless crave to mould them into droids that you see around you everyday.
Don’t be one of them. Don’t fall into a routine. A routine doesn’t take up your day, it occupies your life with a rigorous cycle of the same meaningless drill of day-to-day life. Reap something and be happy about it at the end of the day, for it’s already sown into the next you.

3 thoughts on “What you Reap is What you Sow

  1. monalisa

    Very reflective! This one switched me to a brooding mode…and I actually began to ruminate…like the day would end tomorrow…and all I stood for began and ended with meeting YOU!!!


  2. Imoto

    i don\’t believe in reincarnations. because then our lives will be just like a routine, we live, we die, we live, we die. it also doesn\’t help if what you learn in the previous life, you bring into the next, which makes it even more like a routine, don\’t you think? we have one life, only one, make the most of it.


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