The Forgotten Question

The Forgotten Question
I’m taking some time to write this, coz i feel it will be important.
I have a nice circle of friends in school, all laughing and joking and stuff, but there’s a part of me none of them understands, none. coming to that, no one in the world understands it. Not like I did not try to explain, but I guess they just don’t have the capability to understand. It’s my philosophical side, and it’s a big part of me.
Philosophy, as some would explain it, is aching your head over bogus stuff when all that time u could just be doing something bindaas. Philosophy is about wondering why the earth is round, why there is day and night, why everything exists in the first place. Boring, right?
Well, from my explanation, philosophy is just asking questions about things from an external point of view.
What do i mean by it? Take the whole big fat universe for example. Science has been shouting in our ears since our first breath, and will do so till our last, that everything has a reason. Nothing happens without reason. they give you reasons for eclipses, reasons for day and night, reasons for light, reasons for shadow, reasons for the sky, reasons for the ground, reasons for everything under the sun, and oh yeah, the sun itself.
One little question i came up by putting it all together: the day and the night and the sky and the sun and light and shadow and everything else.
What’s the reason for the universe?
No tell me, as far as i can see, mass caused gravity that caused the mass to shrink that caused a real dense ball of mass that caused heat that caused an explosion called the Big Bang that finally resulted in the universe. So far so good. All the mass and gravity and the mass again and the heat and the big bang each had a reason to be there: to transfer the process of building the universe to the next step. But the big bad universe which was the source of all this problem, what is IT’S reason to be there? What is IT doing out there, all alone in space, just sitting around and doing NOTHING? Why IS it here? What is it’s function? What is it’s reason? What is the big fat reason we had to have such a large complex problematic universe in the first place? why couldn’t we just do with… say, nothing? What is the big meaningful REASON behind all this? All you find is vacuum. No Answer.
This is philosophy. Going that one step beyond, beyond your school and studies and parents and friends, and going beyond yourself for that pure exhilarating thrill of wanting to know the bare truth, the blood of meaning that courses through the well-camouflaged veins of this universe. This is what I define philosophy as. this is THE BIG PART OF ME no one understands. and it’s just an introduction.

5 thoughts on “The Forgotten Question

  1. upasana

    dude…sorry but philosphy isnt bout our external viewpoint its bout wat we think n feel from within leavin aside all wat is duly accepted by everyone…..its about a feelin which is true n morally corrct n rite in place but not worldly……n also if der r ppl hu dunt seem to undderstand u its kk…coz mayb its the same case wid everyone at times but jus b true thts all…..n mayb things work out…take care..sorry i no it was a lecture sort of a thing but neva mind….


  2. monalisa

    Once again you make me stop in my tracks and look ever even when mom\’s stomps into my room and …I\’m not be able to shut down the computer ,but just keep on reading your blog….I have no idea what you\’ll take it as…but thats a fact!


  3. Imoto

    do you belive there is a reason? if so, do you believe you need to know? do you believe in the Big Bang theory? do you believe that if you knew the reasons, you will be satisfied? i have heard that if you believe, there is no reason to question. oops, i said no reason. i believe the universe expands, grows. the Big Bang theory suggests that the universe has a limit but i believe the universe grows, being limitless. why? i don\’t really know. maybe that\’s why we\’re here. maybe that\’s why the reason to the universe is unkown. maybe it\’s because we are here to find the reason.


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