My Decision


There are two kinds of people: Sheep in the Herd and Lone Wolf.
We have one life. I choose to be a lone wolf, separate from everyone, a loner, an outcast, with only himself for company, but the decision of his life in his hands.
Questions and criticisms to the society have circled around me for quite some time. The Whys and the Why Nots. I don’t want to live anyone else’s lives through mine. Not my parents’, not my teachers’, nor of the society-conscious second me that grew up within me over these years.
I want to feel, as I lie in my death-bed, that I lived before I died. That will be life enough.

5 thoughts on “My Decision

  1. Imoto

    funny thing is, i\’ve encountered some people who chose to be a Lone Wolf to be a Sheep in the Herd. do you get it? they stand out just so they could fit in. another funny thing, i don\’t know which i am. they are times when i feel so comfortable with my surrounding because i\’m a Sheep but other times i feel very left out that i become a Wolf. i think i\’m like a bridge, being whichever to suit the situation. what does that make me?


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